Radicals show fangs

More stern measures needed from the law enforcement agencies

The BNP-Jamaat alliance have always tried to tarnish the country’s image with their politics of fire and destruction. During the golden jubilee celebration of the country’s independence, they again showed their true colours (anti liberation) that lies within them. These forces are allegedly financing religious fanatics to create unrest across the country.

According to a report published in this daily on Monday, the BNP –Jamaat top brass have taken a different route this time to steer their deadly politics again. They are prompting, supporting and financing religious fanatic groups from the backdoors in their efforts to escape the surveillance of intelligence agencies. 

law enforcement and intelligence 

agencies should be more aware

By showing their gruesome side, during the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, they not only tarnished country’s image but also showed utter disrespect by carrying out such violent acts even on the Independence Day. These radical groups need to be tamed or else they can be a huge barrier towards the development of Bangladesh.

To tackle these fanatic groups, our law enforcement and intelligence agencies should be more aware. To keep a track on their movements and plans, they should increase their surveillance in the online platforms.

However, after creating all these nuisances, these radicals failed with their plot. Regardless of the fundamentalist rhetoric on both sides of the border, the governments of Modi and Hasina are focused on improving connectivity, trade and people-to-people relations. Both the governments should now put their focus more to control these religious fanatic groups in both the countries, and reduce the sufferings of common people on both sides. India and Bangladesh are destined to grow together and by ruining all these fanatics’ ill motivation, both countries will propel each other towards the path of development.