Racy with woman-centric story

Racy is one of the most popular actresses of all time in Bangladesh. In addition to working with Dipjal, she has worked in many films with many others. After this, the actress was not seen on the big screen because of her being busy with family life. She broke a long break with the film ‘Shunno’ under the direction of Bandhan Biswas. Racy also worked in Jaaz Multimedia’s film ‘Niyoti’ that same year.

The star did not work again for a year. This time, finally breaking the streak of absence she has become regular in cinema. She is returning with a woman-centric story. The name of the movie is 'Yes Madam'. Rakibul Islam Rakib will direct the production of the by Tungipara Film. Apart from this, Racy will be acting with actress Keya, Amin Khan, Shipan Mitra, Amit Hassan, Aruna Biswas.

For the first time in her career, she is going to work in a film about which centers around women.

She said, “I have acted in romantic story-based films before. This time I am going to work on a woman-centric action film. The story is beautiful; I hope everyone will like it. There is also talks of new films. If everything is fine, I want to do the work. I'll try to be regular in cinema again from now on.”