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RAB provides foolproof security for Padma Bridge opening

Published : 22 Jun 2022 09:29 PM | Updated : 23 Jun 2022 03:31 PM
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Members of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) have adopted special security measures to prevent anyone from carrying out any destructive activities centring the inauguration of the Padma Bridge.

RAB Director General (DG) Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun  made this remark while exchanging  views with journalists on the overall security arrangements after inspecting the RAB security arrangements at both ends of the bridge.

He said, adequate  number of RAB members have been deployed to deal with any suspected  untoward  situation surrounding the inauguration ceremony. A commando team of RAB special forces has been kept ready at both ends of the bridge to deal with any kind of sabotage or attack. Helicopters of RAB Air Wing have also been kept ready.

The RAB Director General said that no specific information was found about any attack or sabotage centring the inauguration of the Padma Bridge by analyzing intelligence information, cyber monitoring and other information. 

But we are not suffering from self-satisfaction. RAB is ready to thwart any kind of sabotage plan of militants by increasing intelligence surveillance and monitoring in the cyber world, he continued.

He said the Padma Bridge is the dream of 160 million people of Bangladesh. Today, the Padma Bridge is visible and awaits inauguration to fulfill the aspirations of the people, especially in the southern part of the country. All law enforcement agencies, including the RAB forces, are always vigilant to ensure the overall safety and security of all on the bridge.

He said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the dream Padma Bridge on June 25. The Padma Bridge inauguration ceremony will be attended by local  and foreign guests, government ministers, MPs, senior military  and civilian officials. Considering the overall situation, RAB along with other law enforcement agencies will be heavily deployed for the security of the Padma Bridge inauguration ceremony.

Mentioning that RAB has always been trying its best to keep the overall activities running smoothly after the commencement of construction work of Padma Bridge, RAB DG said that RAB arrested 10 persons from Munshiganj in 2019 along with a large quantity of stolen construction materials and other materials. As the construction work went on uninterrupted, the dream Padma Bridge is on the verge of inauguration.

Regarding the special security measures, he said that a sufficient number of RAB members have been deployed to deal with any kind of untoward situations. Intelligence surveillance has been intensified in the surrounding areas including Service Area-1 and Service Area-2 at both ends of the Padma Bridge. Adequate number of RAB members will be deployed at both ends to strengthen security at the opening ceremony, and the bridge.

RAB will also assign  an adequate number of patrols for the security of the gathering place, toll plaza, plaque unveiling and helipad area. For overall security during the event, there will be a RAB control room, striking reserve, outer perimeter patrol, motorcycle patrol, foot patrol, boat patrol, observation post, check post and necessary CCTV monitoring.

Sweeping will be carried out by RAB Bomb Disposal Unit and Dog Squad at important places including the two ends of the bridge and the meeting place. The RAB bomb disposal unit will be on standby for any emergencies.

The commando team of RAB Special Forces on both sides of the bridge will be ready at all times to deal with any kind of sabotage or attack. Besides, RAB Air Wing helicopters are ready at all times in any situation.

RAB medical teams will be deployed at both ends of the bridge to ensure primary health care in case of any need. RAB will work to ensure security on both sides of the bridge and will coordinate with the concerned administration, people's representatives and other law enforcement agencies through their respective control rooms. 

Security arrangements will be monitored and coordinated through the control room  of the RAB headquarters and the control room  established on the spot.

He said that an adequate number of patrols would be deployed to deal with any situation including sabotage and any kind of situation including sabotage would be strictly prevented by increasing intelligence surveillance in white clothes.

Vehicles and suspects will be searched by setting up RAB check posts at the entrance of Padma Bridge and other important places at both ends.

In the virtual world, the RAB Cyber Monitoring Team is constantly monitoring online to prevent any kind of rumors, provocative information, and spreading of false information about the Padma Bridge. The RAB headquarters will monitor the overall activities round the clock, the RAB DG concluded.

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