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RAB goes incognito for public transport safety

Published : 18 Nov 2023 09:54 PM | Updated : 19 Nov 2023 06:43 PM

Rapid Action Battalion’s Legal and Media Wing Director Commander Khandaker Al Moin on Saturday said that RAB is going undercover as passengers on public transports to prevent arson attacks on the streets. 

He made the remarks while addressing a press conference held at the RAB Media Center at Karwan Bazar in the capital Dhaka.

 He said, “We shall continue our drives in the future as well, to combat sabotage during hartals and blockades.”

The head of the RAB Media Wing said that RAB teams  escorted over 17,000 vehicles, including buses, trucks, and oil tankers, during the previous blockades. 

More than 200 convoys were safely escorted to their destinations.

He further said, "We are doing this to ensure the economic chain remains unaffected.”

Saboteurs are carrying out covert attacks at different times and places, he continued.

The RAB official said that to counter these attacks, RAB members are stationed in various places in disguise and in public transports as passengers.

 There have been successes, with several arrests made during acts of sabotage, he continued.

He also said RAB's undercover operations in public transport will continue. 

RAB is also identifying the locations of attacks, talking to the bus owners, and assisting as requested. 

"This has resulted in a decrease in arson attacks on moving vehicles. Bus owners are advised to avoid parking vehicles in secluded areas to prevent arson," he further said.

Responding to a question, the RAB spokesperson said, "The election schedule has been announced, and all executive departments are assisting in organising the election in accordance with Article 126 of the Constitution.

"We are implementing various directives issued by the Election Commission. During this time, operations to recover illegal arms are ongoing, and we are working to bring identified criminals under the rule of law," he said.

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