RAB-11 arrests fraud company owners

Published : 13 Oct 2021 09:49 PM | Updated : 14 Oct 2021 04:57 PM

Members of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB-11) arrested three people, including the heads of two fake companies, in two separate raids in Siddhirganj, Narayanganj.

This information was confirmed by Lieutenant Colonel Tanvir Mahmud Pasha of RAB-11 in a press release at noon.

Chairman of NRS Force Security Service Ltd. Md Rafiqul Islam and Managing Director Md Saiful Islam were arrested from the office of Sahebpara area on Tuesday night for conducting fraudulent activities. At that time, 60 visiting cards, 20 job seekers' admission forms, 1 stamp, 03 pairs of security uniforms and 2 income-expenditure registers were seized from them and 08 job seekers were rescued.

Lieutenant Colonel Tanvir Mahmud Pasha said that based on the information received from the arrested accused, on the same day, RAB-11 raided the office of MRM Forces Security Service Ltd., another fraudulent organization in Chashara Tolaram College Road area of Fatulla, Narayanganj. Md. Raihan, the chairman of Service Ltd., was arrested while conducting fraudulent activities. At that time, 1 stamp used for fraudulent activities, admission forms of 20 job seekers, 2 ATM cards, 4 receipt books and 3 income and expenditure registers were seized from him.

He said the two companies had been cheating job seekers for a long time by advertising jobs at lucrative salaries through social media. By showing the temptation of hiring people for different posts in different anonymous companies, he used to extort around 8 to 15 thousand Tk from each job seeker by talking about registration fee, medical fee etc. He used to lure job seekers with salaries ranging from Tk 10,000 to Tk 50,000 for security guards, project helpers, marketing managers, electricians, welders, rod masons and masons.

He further said that the two companies used to rent well-equipped offices in Sahebpara and Chashara areas of Narayanganj and cheat the general job seekers by showing fake appointment letters of various anonymous companies. 

Later, by changing offices frequently, they were fraudulently embezzling large sums of money from ordinary job seekers. Job seekers came to the office after months of going to the office and realized that they had been cheated by not getting a job.

The RAB official said legal action was being taken against the arrested at Siddhirganj and Fatulla police stations in Narayanganj.

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