Quilt sale soars in Patuakhali

Published : 09 Nov 2021 09:13 PM | Updated : 10 Nov 2021 05:32 PM

There has been a significant drop of temperature in Mirzaganj of Patuakhali. People are using blankets and quilts while sleeping, dew drops on the grass at seven in the morning are on the verge of winter. And so the busyness of quilt makers has increased.

Meanwhile, the number of quilt sellers in different parts of the upazila is also increasing.

In the shops of the upazila, it has been seen that the quilt makers are busy making quilt, mattresses and blankets. Some of the makers are washing cotton, some are busy sewing mattresses, some are embroidering various designs on needlework.

Salam Khalifa of Vyang village, who came to make a quilt, said he ordered a coating made of cotton and brought an old quilt for repair. Clothes, cotton, wages all together usually takes around 1,500 Tk, he said. 

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However, even though the quilt sellers are profiting in the season, the makers are not happy. They claim that wages are being paid less.

Jasim Hang, Sumon, Mehedi and a few other artisans are engaged in making quilt and mattress given by moneylenders in the cotton shops of the upazila town. According to them, the moneylender pays only 220 Tk to make a quilt but the money is collected from the buyer is quite higher. 

However, Farid Akon, the owner of Farid Bedding, refused to accept that the wage of Tk. 220 has been reduced. 

He said wages were at a tolerable level. “With the onset of winter, our sales have quadrupled,” he added. So every shop in the upazila is now selling well. I hope I can benefit a lot this season.

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