Quick completion of mega projects

Take steps to finish them in stipulated time

The outbreak of coronavirus has dealt a critical blow in slowing down the work in many fields. The country has suffered hindrances in key development projects including mega projects which are supposed to take the nation to a middle income country within a few years. 

However, this has been quite difficult with Covid-19 grasping on to life of people and bringing it to a complete halt. Recently, the country has once again regained momentum and has started work in major fields to start spinning the wheel of economy once again.

We are aware that the government is trying to recover the work that was halted and once again resume in full swing. According to a report in this daily, the project directors are now looking forward to beginning the construction works as soon as possible. 

This is quite appreciative as the sooner the work begins the sooner will the projects be able to start benefitting the people.

If there is failure to keep to the schedule then 

there is also the risk of going over the budget 

intended for completing the individual projects

Also, because of the outbreak many foreign engineers, consultants and workers left the country. Moreover, the local workers also left the project sites during the outbreak. 

This undoubtedly has hampered the schedule that is supposed to be kept to finish the work in due time. This also poses the problem that unless work begins at full swing once again there is a possibility of failing to keep to the schedule. 

As a result, if there is failure to keep to the schedule then there is also the risk of going over the budget intended for completing the individual projects.

In all this there is still hope of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project being completed very soon. This will be a great morale boost for the people of the country during these horrid times.

Above all, the work to finish the mega projects must be continued as soon as possible following the necessary health regulations. We hope that the authorities concerned will do what is necessary to complete the mega projects timely.