Question paper leak

PSC must take stern measures

Published : 09 Jul 2024 08:53 PM

We are stunned to hear about the news of question paper leaks from an institution like the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (PSC), a constitutional body established to recruit persons for various prestigious and sophisticated services and posts in the government. We also express our deep concern and frustration over the PSC’s failure to stop question paper leaks in the government job recruitment process.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of police arrested 17 people on Monday in connection with question paper leaks from PSC. Among the arrestees are Syed Abed Ali, a former driver of the PSC chairman, who has been the subject of widespread discussion on social media. Among those arrested are PSC’s deputy directors Md. Abu Jafar and Md. Jahangir Alam, Assistant Director Md Alamgir Kabir, office assistant Khalilur Rahman, and office assistant (Dispatch) Sajedul Islam.

This incident of question paper leaks was revealed in an investigation by a private television channel on Sunday. Allegations of question paper leaks in 30 recruitment exams, including the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) exams, over the past 12 years have been raised against a syndicate. Racket earned hundreds of crore taka through question paper leaks in 18 years.

Being BCS cadres, highly prestigious job positions offered by the government, require passing a nationwide competitive examination conducted by the PSC. Almost everyone who has educational qualifications to meet the eligibility wants to be a BCS cadre in our country.

Question paper leaks in govt job recruitment examinations have cast a shadow of disappointment over candidates. Political parties have included promises in their respective manifestos to address the issue, but candidates are concerned about the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

Such criminal offence is 

very ‘unfortunate’ for a

 nation as the question

 paper leaks destroy the 

hopes and future of brilliant 

and qualified job seekers.

In the last 15 years and six months, many major exams have been leaked in the country. A mechanism must be made and the parties must think that these criminals are playing with the future of the nation and then cheating.

Such criminal offence is very “unfortunate” for a nation as the question paper leaks destroy the hopes and future of brilliant and qualified job seekers. Though our law enforcement agencies claimed success in combating other crimes, they failed to tackle question leaks. 

The government must protect our brilliant and qualified job seekers so that their dreams will not be shattered. We have noticed that although the law enforcers detained many people in connection with the question leaks in government job recruitment tests and other public examinations, they could not track down the main players. 

As a result, the qualified and talented youths having higher educational qualifications from different prestigious universities are failing to get jobs while a section of unskilled and dishonest people are getting employed in exchange for huge amount of bribe money. When these unskilled and dishonest people are employed in government jobs, they start getting involved in corruption, misappropriation of money, and misuse of power instead of providing services to people.     

The authorities concerned must take stern measures to check question paper leak in the government job recruitment process. Alongside taking strong security measures, the government will also have to develop some innovative systems including the introduction of lottery to choose question sets and a special security envelope so that the question papers are not leaked.

The examination should be transparent and corruption-free and the government must not tolerate those trying to play with the future of youths. In this regard, the government must take strict action against those who pollute the examination process. 

The authorities concerned must work to root out all possible sources of question paper leak as a vested quarter is involved in the malpractices. And ensure exemplary punishment to those who are involved in such crimes.