Quality seeds needed to boost jute production

Take necessary measures to maintain quality of seeds

The government has taken a move to keep pace with the growing demand for jute production. Proper measures will be taken to ensure the supply of quality jute seeds which will meet the target and increase production in the current season.

While the quality of seeds is in high demand, determining the good quality remains to be a pivotal problem that is raised by farmers. Government should make sure that adulterated seeds in both import and any other form may not enter the market. One of the reasons behind the persistent offence of marketing inferior quality seeds is clearly the absence of any system for penal actions that government should have put in place a long time ago.

Government should aim to develop facilities for output 

of adequate quantity and quality of seeds and should make 

them accessible to farmers at proper time for a reasonable price

The quality of seeds is indisputably the main input for the growth of agricultural yield and this ultimately leads to attaining self- reliance in food production. Usefulness of various other inputs like fertilizer or irrigation relies on decent quality seed. Therefore, the government should aim to develop facilities for output of adequate quantity of seeds and should make them accessible to farmers at proper time for a reasonable price. This directives and policies are needed to be implemented rapidly.

We know that the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Textiles and Jute have already formulated a joint venture to achieve self-sufficiency in production of quality jute seeds. That being said, government needs to ensure that farmers are wanting the right variation of seeds. Regular monitoring is also needed, which will ultimately lead to proper seed distribution in the interests of good quality jute production.