Quality of teachers a burning issue

Ensure proper training

This needs no emphasizing that the majority of teachers in primary, secondary and college level in Bangladesh lack the required qualification, skill and mentality to teach young ones. Teaching is much more than simply a profession to earn a living. It requires a different kind of zeal, devotion and passion to be a good teacher. But here we find people with no such  qualifications taking up the profession.  

On top of it, corruption, forcible coaching, sexual harassment, question leak etc have greatly tarnished the image of the teachers. Hardly qualified teachers get appointment and sent for higher training  by the departments concerned. Though the number of teachers has increased manifold across the country, it came as a shock to learn more than one and a half lakh (1.5 lack) teachers are teaching in different institutions without having the Bachelor of Education (B Ed) degree which is mandatory for teachers of government and non-government schools, colleges and madrasas.

A report shows that a total of 431,822 teachers are in the country’s government and MPO-affiliated private schools, colleges and madrasas and more than one-third of the teachers of government-private schools-colleges and madrasas have not completed B Ed degree. Also there are questions about the quality of the rest of the teachers. 

Reports further tell us thatover 40 per cent of our high schools cannot prepare creative questions and 55 per cent of teachers of primary schools do not understand critical education methods. Such a huge number of unskilled teachers are causing quality of education to deteriorarate.

In order to expect better students in future we feel there is no alternative to incorporating new training institutes and improving the functions of the existing ones. 

There must be a policy clarifying what training a teacher must undergo to impart education as professionals. There is no substitute to building a robust pre-service teacher education system to help the country resolve the issue of the capacity of new teachers joining the schooling system. It is teachers who alone can contribute to building a healthy academic environ for a nation to grow.