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Pvt hospitals yet to begin corona treatment

Published : 30 Apr 2020 09:55 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 03:46 AM

Private hospitals and clinics, which are driven to earn huge profit at normal time, are not coming forward with helping hands in the ongoing coronavirus crisis despite the government high-command’s call.

Earlier, the leaders of private clinics and hospitals at a press conference claimed that they would provide necessary cooperation to the government in fighting the corona virus.

Most of the private clinics and hospitals remain open only to dodge the government. Most of the doctors, nurses and other staffs are not discharging their duties at all. Those who join in their duties, are not providing any treatment facilities to the patients. They just show their presence in various ways, including posting selfie on social media.

When patients come to these private clinics, the doctors asked them to get certificate that the patients are not corona positive.
But the hospitals which are dedicated for corona patients, hardly allow giving samples without having several symptoms of COVID-19. Thus non-corona patients are seriously being deprived of their basic fundamental rights of getting medical treatment in the private medical colleges and hospitals, which was ensured in country’s constitution.

Around one month ago, government declared that three private hospitals will provide treatment for the corona patients. But none of them yet started treatment for the corona patients for reasons unknown.

In that situation, authority allowed three more private hospitals for conducting tests of COVID-19 on Thursday.
According to the sources in the Holy Family Red Crescent Hospital in the capital, doctors, nurses and others staffs held series of meetings on Wednesday after being informed the government’s decision that corona patients would be given treatment in the hospital. Protesting the decision, they claimed that in the current realities of the hospital, it is quite impossible to provide treatment for the corona patents.

The government also decided to provide treatment in the Universal Medical College. Hospital authorities claimed that they had sincerely tried to prepare a separate building for corona patients. But the attempt was foiled due to the protests from the local people.

Anwar Khan Modern Medical College Hospital also is yet to start admitting corona patients despite it’s repeated assurance.
Only two branches of the Regent Hospital and a hospital conducted by the Sajeda Foundation started treatment of corona patients at their own will.

Dr AKM Shamsul Kabir, head of the Medicine Department of the Holy Family Red Crescent Hospital said, “The structures of this hospital do not support treatment for the corona patients.”

“If one patient needs to use toilet, he will be required to walk a long distance from his bed,” he said.
During his walking, he will infect many other patients with COVID-19, he opined.

Dr Sharif Mohammad Rumi, a senior consultant of the hospital said, “If the Red Crescent gives another place, we shall be able to provide treatment to corona patients. But on this campus it’s quite impossible.”

Dr. Mohammad Murshed, Director of Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College Hospital said, “We are planning and working as per instruction of the government.”

About the protest from the doctors and others medical staffs, he said, “We have sought assistance from the government to solve the crisis.”

Dr. Ashis Kumar Chakraborty, Managing Director of the Universal Medical College Hospital said, ”We had completed our all preparations. When we were at the final stage of admitting corona patients, some local people made barriers.”
“We informed the issues to the Directorate General of Health Services. They told us that they will communicate with us later”, he added.