Putin confident of Russia’s triumph in Ukraine

Published : 02 Jun 2023 08:21 PM

Russian President Vladimir Putin has no doubt that Russia will win in Ukraine and become a guarantor of peace and security for all nations.

 A representative of one of the exceptionally large families expressed confidence in Russia's victory during a meeting with the president on International Children's Day. "I know that victory will always be ours. We will win, unequivocally, there is no other way. And I think that our country in the end will be a guarantor of peace and security for all peoples, for all countries in the world," said the father of a family with multiple children awarded with the Order of Paternal Glory.

"That's right. It will be just as you said. There is absolutely no doubt," Putin concurred.

The head of state noted that during the special military operation Russia is defending "its land, people and values," therefore, it will definitely emerge victorious. "There is no doubt, it goes without saying," he reiterated.

Putin pointed out that the serviceman had the opportunity to leave the special military operation zone but he decided to stay and now, after receiving medical treatment, wants to return to combat. Having found out that the man was indeed ready to continue serving once he is healthy, the president said "Grigory Alexandrovich, it seems to me that you have already done what you could. I checked, you have a good education and area of specialization. If you want to stay in the Defense Ministry system, we can easily do it, without a doubt," the Russian leader said.

 He noted that the man had a large family and there was no need for him to return directly to the zone of the special military operation. "Let me give instructions on the matter to the minister. We will easily fulfill any request of yours, you can be sure of that. And I simply want to thank you for everything you're doing, not just for your own family but for the whole country, defending its interests," Putin concluded.