Punak CMP takes initiative to ensure pure drinking water for all

Published : 03 Oct 2022 07:58 PM

The Police Nari Kallyan Samity (Punak), CMP Chattogram has always been doing public welfare and service oriented activities. CMP's Punak President Rita Das plans to provide free clean water to quench the thirst of all the thirsty pedestrians.  In order to implement the plan, she inaugurated the following project after checking various purification systems.

 The Police Nari Kallyan Samity (Punak) CMP President Rita Das inaugurated the clean water facility for the public in front of the PUNAK showroom on Monday afternoon. Punak and Chattogram Metropolitan Police (CMP) senior officers were present.

 Punak president Rita Das said, "This initiative has been implemented in Punak's plan to ensure safe and clean water for everyone, including thirsty pedestrians. From now on, anyone can drink clean water from here for free. Two taps have been arranged for the convenience of drinking water. Five levels  Pure water is being supplied through the purifier of the purification system. It is capable of supplying 60 liters of pure water per hour, the capacity of which will be increased based on the demand. It will be kept fit for use by regular maintenance and cleaning. Punak's service oriented and public welfare work continues.