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‘Pulsar Stunt Mania’ kicks off in Bangladesh

Published : 25 Aug 2019 08:33 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 03:24 PM

Popular stunt biking event 'Pulsar Stunt Mania' held by Bajaj Motorcycles in collaboration with Uttara Motors Ltd. has started from Friday on NTV. This is Bangladesh’s first and only stunt biking reality series which will be aired every Friday at 11:15 pm with a repeat telecast on the next Friday at 10:10 am Pulsar Stunt Mania started in India in 2009 and is very popular event among the stunt lovers and motorcycle community. The show has also taken place in Colombia recently.

Nayeemur Rahman (Head of Business Planning, Uttara Motors Ltd) said “Bike stunt riding is basically a sport. Like any other game, there are rules for this as well. When done with proper training and safety precautions, bike stunting can be fun. certified helmets, gloves, knee guards, elbow guards, riding jackets, boots and body armor are protection tools used in this sport just like that of cricket or any other sport”. 

Wahidul Islam Shuvrow, the director of the show from NTV said “Bike stunts in Bangladesh are now more popular than ever, but this is the first time that a reality show has been produced. The budding stunt riders of Bangladesh have come together on a platform to exhibit their skills and learn from professionals to put up an entertaining show for Bangladeshi audience”. 

The show will contain motor bike stunts like wheelie, stoppie, burn out, circle, human compass and many more. The people who are performing on the show are professionals and people are urged to not copy what they are performing.