Puja ends today with immersion of Durga

The greatest and most elegant of all goddesses in Hindu religion is Mother Durga. Followers of Sanatan Dharma (ancient religion) worship this idol with much veneration during this time of the year. It is the harbinger of prosperity, power, creation, harvest and destruction as well. The twelve hands of Durga holds 12 different offerings for mankind. 

The power of the righteous over evil is depicted in the idols where Ma Durga is seen killing Ashur, the king of the dark forces. She remains surrounded by her children and husband Shib. 

Bengal is always fascinated by Durga Puja, though this deity is worshipped in other parts of India in various names. But nowhere Durga Mandap is as large and as expensive as those built in Bengal, especially West Bengal. 

The Hindu community in Bangladesh creates thousands of idols with great enthusiasm and puja is held in hundreds of temples across Bangladesh. The sound of dhaak, kashar ghonta, and sound of shankha and the smell of dhup create an aura of antiquity in the age-old rituals. Kumari Puja (worshipping a little virgin girl) is another important ritual which took place on Sunday. 

Today is the last day of Durga Puja and it will end in the afternoon with the immersion of the idols in a river, known as Bisharjan. Usually Old Dhaka idols are immersed in the Buriganga river. Devotees bid farewell to Ma Durga with tears in their eyes. They will chant hymns for her safe journey to her husband’s home in Kaylash.