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Public univs, colleges to introduce online classes

Published : 01 Jul 2020 09:36 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 08:59 PM

All the public educational institutions have decided to introduce taking online classes in order to continue academic activities amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, sources said.

The educational institutions remain shut since March 17 to contain the deadly coronavirus spread.
To minimize the loss of academic sessions, education ministry earlier had introduced educational courses through television for secondary school students on March 29 and for primary school students on April 7.

However, colleges under national university and public universities are yet to decide whether to introduce online (virtual) classes.
Soon all public universities, national university affiliated colleges are going to launch online academic sessions.

National University Vice-Chancellor Professor Harun-ur-Rashid on Tuesday urged the college teachers for strengthening the online teaching in colleges across the country.

“National universities are ready to do everything to ensure teaching and learning in colleges across the country,” he said.
The Vice-Chancellor said this while addressing a meeting with teachers of 100 colleges across the country through online zoom app.

"We have to play a significant role. Because 70 percent of the total students in higher education of the country are studying in different colleges affiliated to the national university. So, this is our top priority now,” he added.

Prof Harun-ur-Rashid also said, “Despite the limitations, many colleges are trying to conduct online education activities. They deserve praises. We can't remain idle during this Covid-19 crisis. Everyone has to play a role from their position by maintaining hygiene rules.”

At the meeting, the teachers of the colleges highlighted their problems, possibilities and challenges in conducting online education activities. The Vice-Chancellor assured to solve the problems of the concerned colleges.
He said, “National University is taking all kinds of steps to manage online education activities smoothly. The National University is also working on how to introduce it faster.”

Vice Chancellor gave directions to solve the overall problem in the meeting. He emphasized on further strengthening the online education activities by overcoming the existing problems of the teachers of the concerned colleges.

Besides, vice chancellors of public universities have agreed regarding taking online classes to minimize the losses of education during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The decision came from a virtual meeting of University Grants Commission (UGC) with the vice-chancellors of 46 public universities.

In this regard, UGC member Professor Dil Afroza Begum told Bangladesh Post, “All vice-chancellors of public universities have agreed to take online classes. However, no decision have taken about taking exams. There are some barriers in conducting online classes. They have (VCs) placed these difficulties before the UGC Chairman in the virtual meeting.”

The UGC Chairman urged the VCs to conduct online classes as per their ability.
Moreover, most of the private universities of the country have been conducting online classes and even introduce online exams to continue the education.

Secondary and Higher Education Secretary Mahbub Hossain said, “We have conducted a survey. On an average 85 to 90 percent of students have mobile devices. We have taken an initiative on how to give devices to the rest of the students.”
“Besides, the classes of Sangsad TV have reached almost 90 percent of the students through various means of technology. We are 

working to reach them out through community radio,” he continued.
“After normalization of the corona situation, we will reduce the holidays to minimize the losses. And we will consider continuing online education even after normalization of the situation,” he added.