Public plight mounts with fewer bus seats

Compliance with the directives necessary

In a bid to tackle the recent surge in COVID 19 cases, the government has ordered that the public transports will run in half the capacity of passengers to minimize the spread. The aftermath of this decision has brought misery upon the city dwellers and especially the office goers, who now have to wait countless hours to go to the office and return home.

As per the directives issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, public transports cannot carry passengers over 50% of their capacity. Inter district transports also have to be limited in areas with higher infection rate and if needed have to be suspended. These strict measures have come up to put a halt or to decrease the spread of covid again.

The authorities concerned must 

ensure that the directives are 

 strictly being  followed. 

However, the suffering of office goers came into the folds because of another government directive which is not being observed. The government recently ordered that all government, non-government offices, establishments and factories should now be managed by 50% of their manpower while the rest 50% should continue work from home. 

This directive is not being followed by many officers and as a result their employees have to go to the offices by using public transports. Therefore, strict monitoring and action should be taken against those organizations that are not following this directive. To reduce the city dwellers’ suffering, the government can also introduce new buses in the streets of Dhaka. The inter-district transports which are on limited use can run in the capital.

We believe that the government should not just sit  by after issuing the directives only. The authorities concerned must also ensure that the directives are strictly being followed. The best way to fight the pandemic is to stop the spread and the suggested measures will help in doing so if they are followed vigorously.