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Pry students get Tk 2,000cr for stipends, kit

Published : 17 Jul 2021 10:08 PM | Updated : 14 Aug 2021 02:23 AM

The government has recently provided a total of Tk 2,000 crore to some 14 million primary school students as stipends of six months and ‘Kit Allowance’ for buying dresses, shoes and bags. 

Tk 1,100 crore has been given as ‘Kit Allowance’. The money has been given as a gift from the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The stipend of another three months will soon be sent to the mothers’ ‘Nagad’ accounts of the students.

According to the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, the money for the six-month stipend from July to December 2020 has already been disbursed to the 'Nagad' accounts of the parents of the students.

About Tk 450 crore is required to distribute the total stipend of per installment (every three months). As such, Tk 900 crore has been distributed in two installments (6 months).

In addition, as promised by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, each of the primary school students has been given Tk 1,000 to buy clothes, bags and shoes. Therefore, around a total of Tk 1,100 crore has been distributed in this sector.

In total, Tk 2,000 crore has been distributed among 14 million students before Eid-ul-Azha despite the pandemic. Beneficiaries said that this money has been a relief to many families.

In this regard, Aysha Israt, an assistant teacher of Sena Nibas Govt Primary School (Mirpur) told Bangladesh Post, “The guardians have started receiving money since June 20. They are happy after getting the gift before Eid.”

The government's stipend distribution activities were delayed for many days due to various reasons. However, in December last year, a database was formed containing information of 1.5 crore students and their families. Therefore, in accordance with the list, the stipend disbursement started since March this year.

According to stipend project sources, each pre-primary student was given a stipend of Tk 50 per month. Now it has been increased to Tk 75.