Prova in living-in relationship!

Actress Sadia Jahan Prova and actor Manoj Pramanik are living in the same flat without getting married.  In Mithu Roy's upcoming play titled 'Fake Husband’ Prova and Manoj will appear to play in such a scene.  The story is about the real life bachelor's house rent problem.

The story of the play will be seen like an unmarried working girl named Runi (Prova), lives alone in Dhaka.  Bachelor says it is difficult to get a house; people in the area make various comments.  Even at work, colleagues try to take advantage.  So, Runi goes around saying she is married.  Since then, many of her previous problems have been solved.

Runi rented a new house in a new area, joins new office.  In that office she developed a good friendship with her colleagues as well.  One of her colleagues is Robin (Manoj) in the office; even he also knows that Runi is married.  Runi tells all kinds of stories about her fictional husband to her colleagues.

However, due to some serious issues  Robin had to act as Runi's ‘Fake Husband’ later on,  that they started living in the same house without getting married.

 Kazi Ujjwal, Pintu Akunji, Khairul Alam Tipu, Sharmin Sultana Sharmi, Kazi Salimul Haque Kamal, Jannatul Sraboni, Raisul Islam, Barsha, Rinku, Swapan Ahmed, Mizan Rahman, Nayan, Rafi Ahmed and many others have played different roles in the play.

The drama will be aired on a private channel soon.