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Prothom Alo bid to make kid corrupt

It’s highly immoral

Published : 03 Apr 2023 10:00 PM

We are reiterating our steadfast stand for taking immediate legal action against the daily Prothom Alo responsible for defaming the country’s independence and democracy as well.

There is no doubt that the report published by the Prothom Alo is part of an international conspiracy. 

Prothom Alo and BNP-Jamaat clique are supplement to each other.

The people of the entire country have already expressed concern and continued protesting the incident (report) of the Prothom Alo. 

People are also raising  question whether dishonouring the country’s independence by writing lies using the name of a child in exchange of TK  10 is a crime or not.

The report published by the Prothom Alo on the Independence Day on March 26 is tantamount to undermining the country's glorious independence.

But the newspaper concerned has not apologised yet rather they are spreading propaganda in the international arena.

Therefore, the responsible persons of the daily, who committed such a heinous offense, must not go unpunished.

It is known to all masterminds of 1/11 and BNP are trying to hatch conspiracies, but it will bring no good for them as same thing repeats rarely.

Running an ill-motivated story using a photo card which contains picture of a 10-year-old boy with comments of other person on the Independence Day on March 26 is a serious crime. It demonstrates moral erosion on the part of the persons at the helm of the newspaper.

If such a report would have been published anywhere in the world, the relevant media’s licence would have been cancelled immediately.

We have also noticed a section of Bangladesh’s media is constantly attacking the government at a time when global leaders are praising the Sheikh Hasina government.

We strongly condemn and protest the bad-journalism instigating a child by offering money to make comments on the Independence and National Day.

The story was false, fabricated and politically motivated but authorities did not immediately clarify how it was inaccurate.

This incident has hurt the foundation of the state and insulted the independence by lying. 

According to people from all strata, this kind of falsehood against the state, society, independence is a crime, a digital crime.

We think running such false, fabricated and ill-motivated story on the Independence Day has completely gone against the ethics of journalism.

We also would like to say that crime and journalism are not same things.

If someone does bad journalism, ridicule the independence and gives Taka 10 to a boy and writes lies in his name, exploiting a child must be prosecuted.

None of us is above justice and above the law so that government should bring the offender who committed crime in the name of journalism to book.

The government is committed to ensure people’s right to know and respect freedom of speech.

However, the increasing trend of misinformation and fake news has become a grave concern day by day.

Therefore, we all have to work in a responsible way. 

If we all work together, we shall be able to fight the mounting trend of misinformation and fake news.

In this regard, everyone has a responsibility to combat the scourge of fake news and disinformation.

We all have to promote strong norms on professional journalism, support investigative journalism, reduce financial incentives for fake news, and improve digital literacy among the general public.

The practice of ethics in mass media is very important in the multidimensional development of society and state.

The expansion and freedom of mass media are very necessary in multidimensional development of the state, democracy and society, and at the same time, ethics in journalism is vital to this end too.

The government does not want to control the press as it believes the press will be an auxiliary force of society, family and country.

Therefore, the press must have liberty, but, side by side good sense should prevail on everybody for the sake of society while disseminating news and views.

Managing committee of the National Press Club have expressed deep concern over the situation emerged from the daily Prothom Alo's irresponsible and unprofessional journalism in publishing the news by adding the statement of a different person to the photo of a child on the great Independence Day.

They said that such unprofessional and purposeful behavior of a leading newspaper is not expected.

Prominent citizens of the country have strongly condemned and protested the release of an 'anti-state conspiratorial report in the Daily Prothom Alo on the glorious Independence Day.

A total of 50 eminent citizens, including professors, intellectuals, physicians, engineers, artistes, noted journalists and social researchers issued a joint statement, saying, ". . . We are observing with deep concern that ignoring moral responsibility (as a mass media), Prothom Alo is trying to tarnish the reputation of the country by publishing misleading information".

Bangabandhu Sangskritik Jote and Bangladesh Shadhinata Parishad leaders in a protest rally said none will be spared if he or she takes position against the independence of the country.

The Editors Guild, Bangladesh has strongly condemned the Prothom Alo’s controversial report published on the Independence Day, saying that it is tantamount to undermining the country's glorious independence.

Jatiya Sangskritik Federation, a platform of 15 cultural organisations in a joint statement strongly condemned, protesting the falsehood and conspiracy of the daily Prothom Alo to underestimate the Independence Day.

All must remain alert and get ready to thwart any conspiracy against the country and its independence, sovereignty and democracy.

Those who will hit our independence, sovereignty and democracy, they will be resisted.