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Protect Barisal College’s historic playground

Local people demand

Published : 10 Jul 2024 10:04 PM

A press conference was convened on Wednesday at Government Barisal College by the "Mahatma Ashwini Kumar Dutta Memorial Ground Protection Committee," led by Prof. Shah Shazeda, Convener, and Manisha Chakraborty, Member Secretary. The conference aimed to safeguard the college's sole playground, cherished for its historical and recreational significance.

Speaking at the event, Manisha Chakraborty emphasized the vital role of the playground, used not only by students and local children but also as a venue for cultural events like the Ashwini Mela. She noted the historical importance of a tree planted by Mahatma Gandhi on the premises.

Chakraborty pointed out that the college possesses ample land on its east side suitable for construction, with feasibility studies confirming this option. She stressed that a holistic education includes physical activities facilitated by playgrounds, essential for students' development and countering social issues like drug abuse and youth delinquency.

Highlighting legal protections, she cited the High Court's directive to preserve all playgrounds, underscoring the public outcry against its destruction. A 101-member committee has been established to uphold this cause.

Chakraborty urged the college administration to halt construction on the playground and explore alternative sites. A protest rally is scheduled for July 15, culminating in the submission of a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner and Mayor to safeguard the playground's integrity.