‘Proper use of ICT can economically benefit people with disabilities’

Published : 07 Dec 2022 08:54 PM
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Auto rickshaw drivers of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) are conducting a mass signature program for fare hikes. Before this, an article was published in the Bangladesh Post under the title of ‘Auto-rickshaw drivers at SUST demand fare hike’. Driver Helal Uddin said that the mass signature program was conducted based on that news.

On Wednesday (December 07) in front of the main gate of the university, various comments were seen with the signatures of more than 1 thousand students in the mass-signature program agreeing to the demand of the autorickshaw drivers.

A total of 49 auto rickshaws (battery operated) were carrying passengers from the auto stand at the main gate of the university. 47 of them are currently serving and the remaining two are in the workshop for renovation. These auto-rickshaws carry passengers serially. The passengers of these auto-rickshaws are university teachers, students, officers, employees, their families or external visitors. The drivers who drive auto rickshaws on a fare have to pay 300 taka per auto and an electricity bill of about 180 taka daily to the rickshaw owner. After paying this money, the family has to run with what is left. From the main gate of the university, the driver gets a fare of five taka per person to drop off the passengers anywhere on the campus. Some also give ten taka for humanitarian consideration. But this scenario does not happen to everyone. 

Auto driver Helal Uddin said that the price of everything has been increasing. Prices of daily commodities have increased more than before. The battery charge bill that we have to pay is also higher than before.

 So, if everyone at the university considers this matter and increases our fare a little, then families will have a little peace of mind.

A third-year 2nd semester student of the university's mathematics department Arifur Rahman said that the prices of daily commodities have increased more than before. Common auto drivers now cross at the rate of five taka only if it is a little bit of increased income. I agreed to their demand and signed it.

Assistant proctor of the University Javed Kaysar Ibn Rahman said that since the price of everything has increased, our quality of life has also changed. If the fares hike a little, happiness will return to these poor families. However, the fares can be increased in such a way that neither the student nor the auto driver is displeased.