Propaganda over Bhasan Char swamps

Island warrants swift relocation of Rohingyas

Bhasan Char has by now been made ready for habitation of Rohingyas with adequate amenities. Already 303 Rohingyas are living there currently for testing purpose. This large scale habitation area has been aimed to create a home for the Rohingyas as a temporary settlement before Myanmar agrees to take them back. This is something that has been done by spending Tk 2300 crore by the government as an alternative to the Rohingya camps for better monitoring of the displaced group.

Despite the modern civic amenities and suitable conditions existing for living, there is discord amongst the Rohingyas about whether to relocate to Bhasan Char. To see, firsthand, the living conditions there, a 40-member Rohingya delegation has visited the 303 Rohingyas. However, on return to the camps, the delegation has not openly talked to the Rohingyas about the feasibility of relocating to the island habitation. 

Since the accommodation has been made

 ready for the Rohingyas, it should be the foremost concern

 of the refugees to shift there from the densely

 populated and unhygienic conditions prevalent in 

the temporary camps

According to a report published in this daily, a group with unscrupulous interests is discouraging the Rohingyas from relocating to the Bhasan Char island. On a personal level, a few of the delegation members has shared the possibility of relocating there based on accommodation and facilities, but the information is not being circulated on a mass level to the rest of the refugees. This is quite disconcerting. 

Since the accommodation has been made ready for the Rohingyas, it should be the foremost concern of the refugees to shift there from the densely populated and unhygienic conditions of temporary camps. Some expressed concern that the location is close to the Bay and poses a risk to lives. But this has also been considered by the government and flood prevention work has been accomplished to prevent any damage to the location. This bodes well for the Rohingyas and they should be encouraged to relocate there as soon as possible to stop any further damage to the environment and ecosystem adjacent to the camps. 

Above all, the vested parties should be identified and punitive actions must be taken against them to prevent any further propaganda amongst the refugees in the camps. Also, authorities concerned should hold talks with Rohingya leadership for devising a swift and timely method of completing the task of relocation of Rohingyas to Bhasan Char.