Project management to be digitised

All the government projects would come under online digital system as the government wants to implement the development ventures at a faster pace. Planning Minister Abdul Mannan, who want to make the implement process time consuming and cost effective, has started visiting the development project sites so that the project directors cannot be reluctant about their duties.

As per the government's digitisation initiatives, budget management of development projects is being digitised to reduce time, cost as well as for faster implementation of projects. Under the initiative, activities of a good number of ministries are going to be conducted online, experimentally, within this year. Under the project titled "Strengthening Development Budget Management Capacity of Programming Division through Establishing a New Digital Database System (SDBM)” at a cost of Tk 39.08 crore, the new system will be implemented. Programming Division of the Planning Commission is implementing the project, which started during April 2017, and is scheduled to complete it by March 2020.

Once the project is implemented, all the development projects of the government will be able to be completed through an online digital system. It will also reduce the time and cost of development projects. Recently, a meeting of the technical committee of the project presided over by its chief, Md Khalilur Rahman, was held at the commission and proceedings of the committee issued at the end of September.

The committee chief said, time overrun and cost overrun of any development project will be reduced through the implementation of the project. This is also environment-friendly, as this will be a paperless project. About the project progress he said, it is satisfactory. Activities of 10 ministries will be digitized on a pilot basis while making the revised Annual Development Programme (ADP) next December.

During the meeting deputy chief and project director Md Sayeduzzaman informed that to increase the efficiency of public financing, a new digital and reporting system is under implementation with government funding. To prepare the online-based ADP and RADP system, IBCS-Primax Software BD Limited is being appointed.

In the meantime, a phase of the ADP/RADP management system (AMS) software has already been developed. At present various suggestions and connecting other ministries existing software with AMS, he said adding, during the making of ADP or RADP it is necessary to know the real expenditure. The AMS will help to know the real expenditure information.

There is a government directive to ensure that all databases and software being created at the government level must have the necessary linkages and interfaces and that all government applications have the necessary access through common user passwords, an Access to Information (A2I) representative of the project said.

“The AMS software will be used to strengthen the government development project financing management. For this, it needs a connection with other database management software. At present the AMS software is at the development stage and the authority concerned is putting the highest priority on establishing linkage with other management software,” he said.