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Progress report on 3 metro rails submitted to PM

Published : 26 Oct 2020 09:55 PM | Updated : 27 Oct 2020 10:59 PM

Burdened with a huge population, Bangladesh is well on its way to build a metro rail transport system as an integral part of community infrastructure development as the construction work of the three metro rails is going on in full swing to ease transportation for over 15 million people of the city.

This has been apprised by the Economic Relations Division (ERD) to the prime minister in a progress report.

In the first two months (July-August) of the current fiscal year, Tk 266.44 crore has been spent on three Metro rail projects.

A total of Tk 11,846 crore has been spent from the beginning of the projects till last August.

 The annual development program (ADP) has allocated to Tk 6,933 crore in fiscal year 2020-21. 

The total cost for the construction of three metro rails has been estimated at almost Tk 1,15,785 crore.

This information has been given in the fast track progress report. 

The Economic Relations Department (ERD) has recently sent the fast track progress report to the Prime Minister's Office.

Government plans to build 6 metro rail routes by 2030.

Dr Shamsul Alam, Member (Senior Secretary) of the General Economics Division of Planning Commission, said hundreds of working hours are being wasted every day in Dhaka city due to traffic jams. 

By 2035, about half of the country's population is expected to live in cities, he said adding that, at present, 60 percent of the urban population lives in the four major metros including Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna and Rajshahi.

 “Of these, Dhaka is currently the victim of severe air pollution. Besides, there are problems of waterlogging and traffic jam,” he added.

Alam said there is no alternative of the metro rail to reduce the unbearable traffic congestion in the capital. 

“There is a huge economic loss. As such, if these routes are completed, it will be possible to transport more people together in less time. As a result, there will be no more traffic jams,” he mentioned.

Dr Zahid Hossain, former lead economist of the World Bank, said, “Construction of metro rail will be very fruitful to reduce traffic congestion in the capital.”

There are several challenges in implementing the projects including to complete the implementation of the project on time, to maintain the management of the railway and the lack of skilled manpower to manage it, he added. 

“Moreover, it is necessary to keep a watchful eye on the implementation of the projects to prevent irregularities and corruption,” he added.


According to the fast track report, the work of Dhaka Mass Transit Development Project (Line-6) is being constructed from Uttara to Kamalapur via Motijheel. 

It is being implemented from July 2012 to June 2024. 

It will cost Tk 21,985 crore to implement. Of this, Tk 5,390 crore is being spent from government funds and Tk 18,594 crore from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) loans. 

In the current fiscal year, in the ADP, 5,542.83 crore has been allocated in favor of this project. 

During July- August in the current fiscal year, the project has been spent of 29.32 crore. 

A total of Tk 11,427.55 crore has been spent from the beginning of the projects till last August.

The overall progress of the project has been 51.97 percent.

According to the report, 100 percent land development work has been completed in the depot area. Besides, 71 percent construction work has been done. 

73.55 percent construction work of 9 stations from Uttara North to Agargaon has been completed. 

48.2 percent construction work of seven stations from Agargaon to Karwan Bazar has been completed. 

Electrical and mechanical system work has been 44 percent. Railway coaches and depot equipment came in at 27.74 percent. 

Besides, the initiative to extend MRT Line-6 from Motijheel to Kamalapur is under process as per the directions of the Prime Minister. 

The length of the new part will be 1.16 kilometers.

Metrorail Line-1: 

MRT Line-1 route is being constructed from the airport to Kamalapur Railway Station and from New Bazar to Purbachal Depot. 

The cost of its implementation has been estimated at Tk 52,569.43 crore. 

Of this, Tk 13,111.11 crore will be spent from government funds and Tk 39,450.32 crore from JICA loans. 

The project has started on September 2019 and will be implemented by December 2026.

On this 31.24 km route, 19.8 km will be made underground and the remaining 11.36 km will be elevated. 

Of 17 stations, 12 will be underground and seven will be elevated. 

The ADP has allocated Tk 591 crore for the implementation of the project in the current fiscal year. 

Of this, Tk 346.50 crore has been spent till last August from the beginning of the project. 

According to the fast track report, the formal process of land acquisition has been started through the deputy commissioner for the implementation of the project.

Metro rail Line-5: 

MRT Line-5 is being constructed from Hemayetpur to Aminbazar-Gabtali-Mirpur-1, Mirpur-10-Kachukhet-Banani-Gulshan-2-Natunbazar to Bhatara. 

The construction cost is Tk 41,238. 54 crore. 

Of this, Tk 12,121 crore will be spent from government funds and Tk 29,117 crore from JICA loans. 

It is targeted to be implemented from September 2019 to December 2028. 

Under this, 20 km metro rail will be constructed for the northern route. Of this, 13 and a half kilometers will be underground and six and a half kilometers will be elevated. 

Of the 14 stations on this route, nine will be underground and five will be elevated. 

The ADP allocation for the current fiscal year is Tk 800 crore. 

Of this, Tk 72 crore has been spent till last August from the beginning of the project.

The overall progress has So far stood at 0.17 percent. 

According to the fast track report, this is a new project.

 The recruitment process for the project's consulting firm has been completed on June 21 this year.