Prof Mannan appointed as Chief Election Commissioner of JUCSU

Prof Dr Abdul Mannan of the Physics department is appointed as chief election commissioner for the Jahangirnagar University Central Student’s Union (JUCSU).

Vice-Chancellor (VC) Prof Dr Farzana Islam confirmed the news on Wednesday. She said,‘Prof Abddul Mannan has been made chief election commissioner. The chief election commissioner will select two other Assistant election commissioners and form a complete election commission. We hope to arrange the election soon after breaking the long deadlock.’

 Chief election commissioner Prof Mannan said, ‘The duty of the chief election commissioner is a major challenge. Besides, this election is a very important and touching matter. I haven’t received the official order yet. After getting it, I’ll formally start the activities.’

Meanwhile, mentionable that, after a long 27 year’s closure, new activities have begun for the JUCSU election. Prior to the annual senate session of 2019 on 28 June, JU VC promised to form an election commission by July 31 and arrange the election by November this year.