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Produce more oilseed crops, be self-dependent: PM

Published : 22 Mar 2022 10:06 PM | Updated : 23 Mar 2022 01:18 PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has instructed the people concerned to focus on oil production boost in the country by reducing imports.

She urged the growers to produce more oilseed crops in suitable areas of the country. She put emphasize on being self-dependent rather depending on import only.

The Prime Minister gave these instructions while chairing the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) meeting virtually from her official Ganabhaban residence in the city on Tuesday.

After the meeting, Planning Minister MA Mannan highlighted Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s directives, saying, “The Prime Minister has given instructions for the production of oilseed crops in the country especially sunflower, almond and mustard.”

“She has asked us to identify the areas where oilseed crops grow well, he added.

According to the Prime Minister, imports should be made as much as required, but the country's production should be increased.

Quoting the Prime Minister, the Planning Minister said, “Peanut production is satisfactory in Feni region. In addition, mustard, sesame and sunflower grow well in many areas of the country. Oilseed crop production needs to be accelerated. You do research on it and spread it.” 

The Prime Minister also directed the countrymen to plant more trees in the coastal areas to deal with the adverse effects of climate, he mentioned.

“Natural forests and mangrove forests are being eroded in many parts of the country. These forests need to be restored,” she added.

Highlighting the Prime Minister's directives on railways, the Planning Minister said, “The Prime Minister has urged to modernize the railway factories. The railway factories at Syedpur and Pahartali need to be modernized. In addition to repairs, railway coaches can be built there.”

Quoting the Prime Minister, the Planning Minister said, “She has repeatedly called for research. She asked the Ministry of Agriculture to do more research.”

“The Prime Minister said that more culverts should be constructed on rural roads to ensure smooth flow of water, but those who build bridges have to take care of the matter so that the navigation is not disrupted. Otherwise actions will be taken against it,” Mannan said.

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