Private hospitals must come forward

Patient refusal crisis needs solution

Private hospitals in Bangladesh carry out a large portion of the healthcare for the public. Also, the middle class families of the country are also prone to opt for private hospitals for getting better healthcare and because the environment of the private medicals is quite clean. However, in terms of countering coronavirus there is little to no effort being seen in the private medical care sector.

Also, there have been many instances where patients suffering from diseases with symptoms similar to coronavirus have been refused treatment or even admittance. This is very much disconcerting as already a few people have died from lack of treatment despite not contracting the coronavirus.

This is very much  disconcerting as already a few

 people have died from lack of treatment despite 

not contracting the coronavirus

A report published in this daily has pointed that the government has asked private medical facilities and doctors to give treatment to the coronavirus suspects as one more patient has died of the infectious disease. Also, with the number of coronavirus patients in the country now numbering at 54, it is imperative for the private hospitals to be prompt in disseminating medical services. 

Meanwhile, Health Minister Zahid Maleque’s instruction towards the doctors about reopening their closed private practices with proper PPE is praiseworthy. As this has been a problem for various types of patients.

On another note, it is essential for the private medical colleges to not bar patients showing symptoms of coronavirus like fever or cough as it can be many other diseases except coronavirus. Since, there is adequate supply of PPE in the country there is no need for such dire steps to be taken by the private medicals. 

The authorities concerned should take proper steps so that no more such barring of patients takes place in the country amidst this pandemic. If people are deprived from the sole thing that can remedy them from coronavirus that is healthcare then it can create total pandemonium in the nation.