Prices of ready flat to rise by 50 pc after DAP implementation

Published : 31 Oct 2021 09:10 PM | Updated : 03 Nov 2021 11:46 AM

If the proposed Detailed Area Plan (DAP) 2018-2035 and building construction rules of 2021 are implemented, the size of the building will be reduced from about 33-53 pc. 

As a result, the price of flats will go up by about 50 pc, along with house rents, according to the Real Estate Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB).

President of REHAB, Shamsul Alamin made the remarks at a press conference at the Sonargaon Hotel in the capital on Sunday.

At the press conference, the REHAB president said, “Under the new law, no more than 5-storey or 9,000-square-foot buildings can be built on 5 acres of land adjacent to a 20-foot road. Under the previous rule 8 storeys or 13,000 square feet was possible.”

He added that similarly, there will be no opportunity to construct more than 3/4 storey building on the land adjacent to the road. As a result, the number of flats on limited land will be further reduced and the price of flats in Dhaka city will go up by 50pc.

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It was informed at the press conference that if the proposed law is passed, 269 other industries related to the real estate industry including ceramics, tiles, bricks, stone and sand will face grave troubles. 

According to REHAB, the crisis created by the new law will also increase house rents in the capital.

The REHAB president alleged that the administration did not comply with the Prime Minister's order to relax the law on the construction of houses that are to be built on one and two ‘katha’ lands. 

The new law did not even take that order into account. In order to protect housing and related industries and to ensure low rent and a place to live in the capital, REHAB demanded a radical change in the proposed DAP and building construction rules 2021.

REHAB vice-presidents Kamal Mahmud, Nazrul Islam, Sharif Ali Khan along with engineer Mohammad Sohail Rana and others were present at the press conference.

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