Prices of rawhide fall, leather products’ do not

Wipe out syndicates to establish control over the industry

Like last year, the price of rawhide of sacrificial animals is not up to the expectations. Although the government has fixed the price, it is being sold at a much lower price than the fixed rate. 

With coronavirus in effect, the number of rawhides being collected is much lower than the previous years. This is a reason why businessmen who deal with rawhides had an idea that they would be able to get a better price this time. But in reality, that is not the case.

It is imperative that the government should wipe out various unscrupulous syndicates that control the price of rawhide and let it fall down while the price of finished products keeps on rising. There are various reports published in national dailies that businessmen are not getting fair price and consequently, throwing away the rawhides of sacrificial animals into the rivers. This is a matter of concern.

The government should eliminate various syndicates 

that control the price of rawhide and let it fall down 

while the price of finished products keeps on rising 

Other than this, the rawhides are being sold at prices reduced by 20% to 30% than the price fixed by the government last year. But the seasonal traders are not getting that price either. 

Last week, representatives from the Commerce Ministry met with leather traders to determine the price of rawhides. In fact, the prices being asked are less than half of that which has been fixed by the government. This has created a discrepancy in the country’s leather trade which has put the seasonal businessmen at risk.

Above all, there are numerous syndicates active in this industry that are hampering the overall growth of the industry. It is high time that these syndicates were wiped out to establish proper control over the leather industry in the country.