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Prices of 10 goods slightly down, others still high

Published : 23 Mar 2024 01:53 AM | Updated : 23 Mar 2024 01:57 AM

Although the prices of 10 essential commodities have decreased, most traders seem to be ignoring the fixed prices of 29 commodities earlier set by the government including mutton and beef.

It was found on Friday that prices of most of the 29 commodities, which were set by the government a few days ago, are being sold at higher prices than that of the fixed rates set by the government agencies. 

Roaming around some kitchen markets, including Hatirpool Bazar, this reporter found prices of almost all types of vegetables being sold at fair prices except for a few items, like potatoes and tomatoes.

Some market reviews show that potatoes are sold at Tk 40 per kg, while tomatoes are at Tk 60 per kg. Like last week, carrots are sold at Tk 30, papaya at Tk 40, and lemons per 4 pieces at Tk 50. Beans are sold at Tk 40–50 based on quality. Cabbage and cauliflower per piece were sold at Tk 40 to 50; radish at Tk 40; brinjal at Tk 50; sweet gourd at Tk 25 per kg; broccoli at Tk 50; turnips at Tk 40 per kg; peas at Tk 80 per kg; and sweet potatoes at Tk 30 per kg. The price of green chillies was Tk 80 per kg; cucumber is sold at Tk 60 to 80 per kg.

A vegetable trader Md Mobarak Hossen said, “Compared to other months, city dwellers eat more fish, meat, and eggs in Ramadan. So, the demand for vegetables has fairly decreased. Thus, the price of almost all types of vegetables has decreased.”

The onion price has decreased by at least Tk 20 per kg at Tk 60, andginger is being sold at Tk 180 per kg, which is lower than last week. Locally produced garlic is being sold for Tk 130, while Indian garlic is being sold for Tk 220. Local lentils are sold at TK 140, while Indian lentils are sold at TK 120, as last week. Moong dal price increased by around Tk 20. It has been sold at Tk 190 per kg.

The price of edible oil has decreased by Tk 10 per litre. Bashundhara soybean oil (5 litres) is sold at Tk 785, while Rupchanda and Teer are sold similarly at Tk 790. 

Besides, the fish market is up compared to last week. Large-size pangash fish is sold at Tk 280 per kg, while tilapia is sold at Tk 260. Large-size ruhi and catla fishes are similar in price, at Tk 400 per kg. grass carp is sold at Tk 300, silver carp at Tk 240, China put at Tk 280, Nala fish at Tk 280–300, matrigel fish at Tk 280, and Surma fish at Tk 300 per kg. The price of broiler chicken eggs has slightly decreased compared to last week.

It is seen to be sold at Tk 40 per 4 pieces.

Meanwhile, compared to last week, the price of all types of chicken has increased by Tk 10. Broiler chicken is being sold at Tk 230; Pakistani chicken is sold at Tk 330 per kg; and Layer chicken is being sold at Tk 320.

On the other hand, the price of all types of meat is increasing in the market. For some time beef was sold at Tk 600 to Tk 650 in different markets of the capital but now it is being sold at Tk 750 per kg. Besides, Khasi is being sold at Tk 1100 per kg.

Rukan Uddin, a buyer who came to the capital's Hatirpool kitchen market said, ‘All kinds of flesh, including chicken and broiler are being sold at a higher price in the market. To say that these prices are increasing regularly, the prices are never under control.

The price of broiler chicken has increased by Tk 10 per kg since the beginning of Ramadan and now it has reached Tk 230 per kg which was 180/190 a few days ago.

There is no one to see these or take necessary action. If there was market monitoring, these dishonest traders would not be able to cut the pockets of the buyers like this.’

However, the government has started selling beef, broiler chicken, milk, and eggs at an affordable price at 30 points in the city.

The Agricultural Marketing Department has set the prices for 29 agricultural products, including onion, broiler chicken, mutton, beef, and eggplant, at wholesale and retail levels. The directive was issued in a notification signed by Agricultural Marketing Department Director General Masud Karim on Friday.

According to the newly determined prices, the retail price of beef has been fixed at

Tk664.39 per kg, mutton at Tk1,003.56 per kg, broiler chicken has been set at Tk175.30 per kg, sonali chicken at Tk262, pangash (cultivated) at Tk180.87 and catla (cultivated) at Tk353.59.