Prices begin to fall, market yet to be normal

Published : 19 Jan 2024 07:39 PM | Updated : 26 Jan 2024 07:24 PM

Generally the consumers wait for winter all year round to buy vegetables at low prices, but this year, although more than a month is passed still the prices of winter vegetables is not satisfactory .  

Visiting some kitchen markets in city, this correspondent found that the prices of most vegetable still goes high as usually except a very few including tomato.  

Tomatoes are sold at Tk 50 to 60 per kg, potatoes 50 tk, the carrots 40 tk, papaya 30 tk, gourd 60 tk per piece by size, lemon per hali 30 tk, dhundal 70 Tk, bean 50-60 Tk, cabbage & cauliflower per piece Tk 35-40, radish Tk 25, green chillies Tk 100, garlic Tk 280,  Indian garlic Tk 260. While asked, vegetable  seller Altaf  Hossain said, this has also affected the retail market as they have to buy at higher prices from the wholesale market.

Visiting market it was also seen that Sugar is sold at Tk 140 while packet flour Tk 155, lentils Tk 140, Mugdal Tk 170. Onion grown locally is being sold in the retail market at Tk 80-90 and ginger 180 tk, Prices of chicken is fluctuating. broiler chicken Tk 200 per kg and Pakistani chicken Tk 300  which is Tk 10 more per kg than last week.

Buyers said that, usually in winter the prices of vegetables come down as there is more supply in the market. But even after winter came, the price was not decreasing as such.

Buyer Sazzad Hossain who came to Kawran bazar said, “a week ago no vegetables were available in the market below Tk 80. But  the market is getting some relief as prices is coming a bit down. The price will decrease further in a few days he added.”

The rice seller Shahidul islam said, “the syndicates have made the rice market unstable. Small traders like us sell price based on the prices of purchase. We are to sell at a higher price when we buy them with higher prices.”

Looking around the fish market its appeared to be sold, Rui is 300 tk per kg depending on size, Mrigel fish 230 tk, pangas 220 tk, Tilapia 220 tk, Cuttle fish 400 tk and Horn fish 300-400 tk per kg.