Price of eggs, chicken, vegetables falls in rural markets, increases in city markets of Rajshahi

Published : 28 Mar 2020 08:57 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 06:23 PM

Prices of all sort of eggs, chicken and vegetables have fallen abnormally in rural hats and markets of the district since there are no sufficient customers of those due to panic of Corona virus spread.

Moreover, due to failure of reaching the wholesale traders in various hats and markets of the districts and failing to send the perishable goods including vegetables and eggs to other places of the country including in Dhaka and Chittagong due to disruption of transport movement, the prices of those goods have been fallen abruptly. 

It is learnt, following the declaration of lock down in Singra and in Chalanbeel areas of Natore district, the price of duck eggs have fallen abnormally.

Abdul Hannann, an duck farm owner at Singra sadar upazila informed, eggs are not even being sold at throwaway price for the last couples of days. He mentioned, he had been waiting before Dhaka-Natore highway with some three-thousand eggs to send those to Dhaka through any truck or pick up or just selling those to local markets but no one showed up. He added there was no customer even to purchase per egg at Taka five only. Though he usually used to sell that for Taka 10 per piece( Taka 40 per four) earlier.

He added, more than 100 duck farm owners of Chalan been are facing the same fate. The duck farm owners were seen to sit at Chalanbeel gate areas and beside the highway to sell their eggs but there was no customer. 

Hazrat Ali, another farm owner informed, two weekly markets on Monday and Thursday are held in the area. He used to sell 160 to 200 eggs in every hat but due to a sudden lock down, he failed to sell any egg in last two hats. 

Taifur Rahman, a customer at Singra gate area informed, there was no wholesale customer of egg in the hat that is why he was glad to purchase eggs at a throwaway price. However, he said he was also scared for Corona.

Abdul Wahab, owner of a wholesale egg trading shop at Chalanbeel informed, there having no movement of public transport, the owners of the duck farms are even failing to sell their eggs even at a half-price than the regular price.

Meanwhile, Niamul, a poultry farm owner at Maskatadighi under Kantakhali municipality of Rajshahi informed, the demand and selling of eggs have been fallen during the last couples of days.

He further said, though in rural areas, chicken eggs ( grey eggs) are being sold at Taka six per piece at the farm, those are being sold at Taka 10 to 11 per piece in the city markets. He further said, due to absence of customers at the rural areas, the price of eggs has been fallen. 

Rezaul Haque, another poultry farm owner at Dewanpara area of the same municipality informed, the price of poultry birds have also fallen in the area. Because of absence of transport and poor turn out of customers, the price of Broiler chicken has fallen below Taka 100 per kiolgramme and the local breed of chicken below Taka 250 per kilogramme though those were being sold at Taka 125 and Taka 350 respectively earlier.  

Rizvi, a grocer at Tiakapara area of the city informed, he went to purchase goods for his shop at Shaheb Bazaar in the morning. The market was almost empty and the price of all goods was exorbitant. He added, he had to purchase chicken egg at Taka 10.00 per piece and was selling that at Taka 10.30 per piece to the customers. 

Vegetable farm owner Abul Kalam Azad at Borogacchi under Paba upazila informed, the price of Korolla and Tomato has fallen abnormally in the local market. The Koralla which was being sold at Taka 50 per kilogramme and the Tomato at Taka 15 per kilogramme earlier are now not even being sold at Taka 20 and Taka 5 per kilogramme respectively. 

He mentioned, due to closure of all transport and the absence of customers, the price of vegetables has been fallen abnormally in the local markets. He further apprehends, if such situation prevails for along time, the vegetable farmers of the district will incur a huge loss.