Price hike of essentials during Ramadan

Intensify market vigilance in no time

The government has taken all-out measures to keep the prices of essentials stable during the holy month of Ramadan. We appreciate the government steps which would control the commodity price during the upcoming holy month.

A story headlined ‘BB for lowest margin on LC’ published in the Bangladesh Post on Wednesday says, the central bank asked the commercial banks to maintain the lowest level margin on  opening letter of credit (LC) for importing essential commodities.

We hope the central bank’s initiative will encourage the traders to import commodities so there will be no shortage of supply this time.  And if the supply is adequate, the price will be under control.

The government should deploy 

mobile teams to monitor the 

kitchen market in the capital Dhaka

Apart from these, the commerce Ministry will have to remain in touch with importers, traders and consumers.  Along with these, the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) will have to be more strengthened to tackle any complicated situations.

Intelligence and law enforcement agencies will have to take adequate precautionary measures immediately to ensure that the commodity price during the holy month would not go beyond the purchasing power of the common man.

Apart from the government, the businessmen and traders will also have to be committed to doing their best for keeping prices of essentials stable during the holy month of Ramadan. The goods in high demand during Ramadan include edible oil, chickpeas, peas, pulse, spices, dates, fruits and sugar.  

The government should deploy mobile teams to monitor the kitchen market in the capital Dhaka, other metropolitan cities, district towns, upazila headquarters and even village markets to bring the entire supply chain including the import and distribution of the commodity under control.

Besides, common people will also have to inform the directorate directly if they find any irregularities in terms of price manipulation with the commodity during the Ramadan.