Price hike in Rangpur creates despair among people

Published : 16 Oct 2021 10:16 PM | Updated : 17 Oct 2021 01:31 PM

In Rangpur district, the prices of unrestrained daily necessities continue to rise at a rapid rate. Although the prices of onion and green chillies have come down in the markets of Rangpur in a few days, they are still beyond the reach of the common man. At the same time, the prices of almost all the essential commodities including vegetables and chickens are high in advance of winter season. 

Lower and middle class buyers have suffered the most due the this unannounced price hike. On Saturday onions are being sold at Tk 65-70 in Rangpur's City Bazar and other daily necessities shops across the city. Two weeks ago, raw chillies were sold at Tk 150 per kg, but now it stands at Tk 100-110. In addition, broilers are now being sold at Tk 170-180 per kg which was Tk 130 a few days ago. The price of imported chicken has also gone up by Tk 80 to 90. Growers say corn and soybean prices have risen in several stages since the lockdown. Shah Alam, a buyer who came to the terminal market to buy chickens, said he had bought Pakistani chickens at Tk 250 per kg two weeks ago. Now people of low income like him are struggling to buy Tk 300-320 per kg. If it continues like this, the taste of eating meat even once a month will not be fulfilled.

 Samsul Alam, who works in a non-government organization, said the sudden rise in prices of essential commodities is having a huge impact on his family. He has been suffering due to the recent rise in the price of chicken. He also said that it was not possible for a person working in a private company with such a low salary to buy any meat other than chicken. 

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Kabir Hossain, a farmer in Lalbagh area of the city, said chickens are usually allowed to eat soybeans at poultry farms. Poultry farmers are facing a crisis due to rising soybean prices. He thinks that this is one of the reasons behind the increase in the price of chicken. Asadur Rahman, a farmer in CO Bazar area, said that after the Covid-19 and monsoon, various social events have increased. Due to this, the demand for poultry is increasing. 

Meanwhile, the most sought after rice in the market is Swarna, BR-Atash Miniket and Nazirshail has increased by Tk 3 to 5 per kg. Prices of previously increased sugar, soybean oil and lentils have not come down yet. The Ministry of Commerce has increased the price of soybean oil by Tk 4 per liter on September 5, but retailers are selling it at a higher price of Tk 10-12. Traders are selling sugar at a higher price even after setting the maximum price of sugar at Tk 74 per kg and packaged sugar at Rs 75 per kg on September 9. However, the price of pulses has remained stable. 

Although winter vegetables have started arriving in the market in advance, the prices are very high. Vendors are charging Tk 60 to 70 per small size cauliflower. Besides, beans at Tk 90-100, tomatoes at Tk 120-140, cabbage at Tk 55-60, Bitter melon at Tk 45-50, carrots at Tk 130-140, radish at Tk 40-45, patal at Tk 30-35, potato at Tk 40-45, round Eggplant is being sold at Tk 55-60, thin eggplant at Tk 35-40 and cucumber at Tk 40 per kg. Besides, pumpkin is being sold at Tk 30-40 per piece, egg yolk at Tk 35-36 and garlic at Tk 50-55 per kg. The price of potato is much lower than that. Besides, carp fish is available at Tk 250-260 per kg, Katal at Tk 300-320 per kg, Koi fish at Tk 150-160 per kg and Shrimp at Tk 400-600 per kg. Besides, vegetables are being sold with extra TK 10-15 per bunch in shops and vans.

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