Prevent workplace violence against women

Make female workers aware of their rights

Published : 15 Nov 2021 10:17 PM

In our country, women are often oppressed and are deprived of justice against the harassment happens against them in workplaces. Although the number of women workers in the formal and informal sectors has increased, a women-friendly working environment, in general, has not yet been ensured. Moreover, sexual harassment in the workplace could also not be prevented.

International Labour Organization (ILO) adopted the Convention-190 to eliminate all forms of violence and harassment in the workplace in 2019 which was considered to be a landmark step.


sessions can also be 

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in factories, garments to enhance the issue of 

gender  sensitivity

Government, employers’ and workers’ organisations have responsibilities in preventing harassment and abuse in the workplace. At the same time, the government, employers’ and workers’ delegations also have to ensure gender equality. Therefore, we urge the government to sign the ILO Convention 190 against violence and harassment in the workplace.

Sustainability is a significant issue when it comes to projects like these. Without consistency of the implemented law practices, significant impacts are never there. Passing down a law for the protection of victims will never be enough if our system does not implement it appropriately. The labour law should also be revised and modernised in line with it by adding labourers working in both the formal and informal areas. Gender quality and the harassment which comes with it should be definitely included in the law. 

Government and regulatory bodies should also ensure that the rules and punishment related to sexual violence and harassment are applied in all the factories. For that to happen extensive monitoring in these establishments are a must. Training sessions can also be carried out in factories, garments to enhance the issue of gender sensitivity. Furthermore, widespread publicity campaigns should be implemented for making female workers aware of their rights.