Beware of diarrhoea

Prevent the causes to avoid the consequences

As we progress through the month of Baishakh, hospitals and healthcare centers in and around the capital has seen a sharp increase in number of diarrhoea patients. The disease is infecting people of all ages, especially children and the elderly who are among the worst suffers. As reported earlier in this daily, International Center for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr, b) in the capital has seen an increase in patient admittance than usual. This has been a headache for the authorities who are struggling to accommodate patients as numbers increase compared to previous years.

Past few years has seen outbreak of diarrhoea increase usually during summer. This year however, the disease is turning into an epidemic as patient numbers is predicted to increase shattering past records. As per icddr,b statistics, diarrhoea patients starts increasing from March. During this time, hospitals have to deal with 600 patients daily but this year has seen the number cross the 900 mark. The first 26 days of the current month has seen around 20,000 patients being admitted out of which 30 percent are children. As reported earlier in this daily, the second week of the current month saw 923 patients being admitted within 24 hours in icddr,b. 

Authorities concerned need to improve water 

treatment facilities and improve the quality of 

drinking water for the residents of the capital

In order to cope up with excessive patient admittance, hospital authorities are providing medical treatment outside the hospital wards. Makeshift tents have been set-up in front of many hospital buildings across the capital in order to accommodate patients. The primary cause of diarrhoea is dehydration and lack of pure water. Therefore, authorities concerned need to improve water treatment facilities and improve the quality of drinking water for the residents of the capital. In addition to ensuring safe drinking water, hospital accommodation and treatment facilities also needs to improve in order to provide the best treatment possible to the patients. In the mean time city dwellers should keep their foods at normal temperature, wash hands before eating, stay indoors as much as possible and when ill, immediately visit a nearby hospital. 

When technology of the 21st century has made life easier, no one should suffer from the pains and pangs of diseases. Hospitals are there to provide treatment to the ill, but it is the responsibility of the sick to follow up with necessary measures and treatment provided to them in order to stay healthy.