President asks DCs to stay alert to graft, power abuse

Intensify anti-graft purge, launch crackdown on corrupt officials

Published : 27 Jan 2023 07:29 PM

President M Abdul Hamid on Thursday asked the deputy commissioners (DCs) to remain watchful to prevent abuse of power while discharging their respective duties as the district co-coordinator and supervisor of the multi-faceted activities of the government. Mentioning corruption as a key barrier to the ongoing development, he said sustainable development is being hindered due to graft and the system of transparency and accountability must develop at every level of the field administration.

It needs no emphasizing that the government is strongly determined to establish good governance and a graft-free administration, which will in turn ensure development and justice in society. In order to fulfill this mission authorities concerned should maintain a vigilant eye towards the wrongdoers and root out corruption from every corner of society. In Bangladesh, corruption has been a very common disease prevailing in different forms since time immemorial. Most of the government offices, banks, corporations and semi-government offices reek of corruption of different dimensions from top to bottom.

Authorities concerned should maintain 

a vigilant eye towards the wrongdoers 

and root out corruption from

 every corner of society

However, with the passage of time the definitions and doctrines of corruption have changed. People who work on right principles are unrecognized and considered to be foolish in the modern society. 

Earlier, bribes were paid for getting wrong things done, but now bribe is paid for getting right things done at right time. Corruption has become all too ingrained into the Bangladeshi political and governmental process, sadly, but if we are to hold on to any dreams of sustainable progress, widespread changes must be made in our bureaucratic and political processes.

However, while much progress has been made over the last years to address corruption, we still have a lot to learn from the past to fight corruption effectively. The one thing that needs to be ensured is proper, impartial, and unbiased use of various anti-social regulations to take strong, deterrent, and timely legal action against the offenders, irrespective of their political influences, money or power. 

Firm steps and concrete actions are required to curb the menace and create an atmosphere where the good, patriotic, intellectuals will come forward to serve the country with pride, virtue, and honesty for the greater good of humanity.