Pragmatic strategy to keep economy brisk

Keep thinking to improve situation of economy

It is good to know that the government is going the mile to keep the country’s economy alive and continuous with the normal flow of remittance and export earnings. 

This extra effort is being given prior to the second wave of coronavirus hits the country. This time hopefully the condition of the economy will fare better than the previous months when the outbreak was at its peak and thousands died in just a few months.

According to a report published in this daily, the finance ministry has held a number of meetings. And the outcome of the meetings has been derived to succeed in dealing with the second wave, when there is one. Evidently, incentive packages worth Tk 1,20,153 crore in 21 sectors have already been announced by the prime minister. 

It is yet to be seen as to how this incentive 

package assists in providing aid to the 

lower income groups of citizens

This should work in favour of the business owners. However, it is yet to be seen as to how this incentive package assists in providing aid to the lower income groups of citizens.

If the second wave hits the country and lockdown is imposed once again, when the businesses close their door and hunker down to cut costs and losses, conscious people cannot help but wonder what will happen to those who turn away once the doors are closed. This needs some amount of considerable thinking from our think tanks as this type of situation has never been perceived before.

The report also emphasised on how the government allocated Taka 50 billion to Palli Sanchay Bank under the Stimulus Package. So far, Taka 25 billion has been disbursed. This money went to around 44,000 marginalized people. 

The loan size is around Taka 48,000 per beneficiary. We hope that this amount of money will suffice in these difficult times, but we still need to see how any prudent advance can be made in keeping the economy stable.