Pragmatic initiative to upgrade rural roads

Strict monitoring needed to curb corruption

More than half of the total population in Bangladesh lives in rural areas. As most parts of our rural landscape don't have an all-weather road connection, a large section of the country's rural population has still remained isolated from the mainstream, thus depriving themselves of the benefits of the country's economic growth. It needs no emphasising that poor road network is one of the main reasons stopping growth in rural areas.

Hence, it is welcome news that the government is going to improve the road and transport system in the rural areas to develop communication and transportation. This was more of a necessity for creating conducive environment for fostering economic growth and alleviating poverty in rural areas. 

As reported by this daily on Thursday, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (LGRD) has embarked on a massive plan to develop country’s all village roads to ensure smooth and safe transportation of people and goods.  

By enabling greater connectivity, the project, apart 

from minimising transportation cost, will help rural 

people gain access to education and healthcare

Reportedly, every road standard at the upazila, union, and even village levels will be improved and made wider and sustainable than before. The Local Government Department of the Ministry of LGRD, Planning Commission, Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) and the Roads and Highways Department (RHD) of the Ministry of Road Communications and Bridges will work jointly to implement the plan.

An efficient rural road network can play the most important role in improving rural livelihoods. We hope once the aforementioned project is executed, there will be a drastic change in the rural connectivity and rural life. By enabling greater connectivity, the project, apart from minimizing transportation cost, will help rural people gain access to education and healthcare. 

Also with easier access to market and technology, improved rural roads can help boost agricultural production and foster economic growth. It is time for the authorities concerned and all relevant departments to put forth their concerted efforts to implement the project within the stipulated time frame. Besides, proper monitoring must be ensured while implementing the projects to curb any scope of corruption.