Power price hike protested

Bangladesh National Awami Party (Bangladehs NAP) has proteted and condemned the price hike of power. They termed the government’s decision as anti-people interest. 

Chairman of the party Jebel Rahman Ghaani and Secretary General M Golam Mostafa Bhuiyan in a joint statement issued on Friday said that the power price hike is an outcome of corruption. If the power sector was made corruption free, there would be no need for electricity price hike. Corruption in the power sector has increased tremendously, they said. 

The two leaders said that extreme corruption prevails in the power sector. “We have learned from media that during the last 12 years, power generation company have taken away Tk 53 thousand crore without supplying any electricity. It is not desirable to benefit some people immorally by giving money to them,” they added.  The leader said the decision to increase the price of electricity should be rejected considering the condition of the people.