Power from waste to add to grid in mid-2023

A commendable initiative indeed

Published : 02 Dec 2021 08:24 PM

In the last decade, power and energy sector has witnessed a revolutionary enhancement and progress in our country. Under the able leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, we witnessed sheer development in this sector. A new chapter has begun in power generation through the agreement to generate power from waste for the first time in the country.

The government recently decided to set up a 42.5 MW power plant at Aminbazar. The process of generating electricity from waste is an environmental friendly procedure. The Chinese company will start generating electricity within 18 months of the start of operations. All kinds of preparations have been taken in this regard.

The process of incineration or power generation through waste, will not only make electricity production efficient but also eliminate the problem of excessive garbage. 

The country needs a sustainable waste 

management system and solid waste-based 

power plants could be a big solution

Incineration is the best method for Bangladesh to generate electricity by following the model followed by Japan and other European 

countries. This method does not harm the environment. 

The country needs a sustainable waste management system and, therefore, solid waste-based power plants could be a big solution. If the Aminbazar project sees success, more such projects can be started in our urban areas, particularly in Dhaka and Chattogram. We hope that the project will move positively and all the stakeholders related will be serious in executing the project.

Alongside this project, the government can also focus on originating more research and development programmes. This should be done to explore more sustainable sources of power generation and instead of using oil we can extract cheap gas-based solutions for electricity production, which will further decrease the cost of production and increase profit. We also recommend the government to approve various range of energy efficiency programmes for the future of country’s energy security.