Pottery industry needs to be expanded commercially: Speaker

Published : 25 Jun 2021 09:51 PM

BSS, Rangpur

Jatiya Sangsad Speaker Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, MP, today underscored the need for expanding the pottery industry commercially for development of women in rural areas.

“A large number of our mothers and sisters are working closely with the pottery industry and they will reap more benefits if they get adequate vocational training,” she said. 

She said this while virtually inaugurating vocational training for members of Pottery Cooperative at Prajapara-Palpara village and 22 water purification treatment plants and land filling projects of Pirganj municipality in the district as the chief guest. 

The Speaker said 22 water purification iron plants have been successfully set up based on the needs of the common people of Pirganj to resolve the drinking water crisis of the people of Pirganj once for all.

“Land filling activities are very important for the overall development of Pirganj municipality. It is possible to build a planned Pirganj with proper implementation of the already adopted projects,” she said.

The Speaker said it is the moral responsibility of the local people's representatives to make the people of Pirganj aware about waste management and maintaining cleanliness for a better environment.

“If people throw garbage everywhere, bad smells as well as germs will spread, which are harmful to human beings.

 So, it is possible to get rid of this problem if everyone is aware,” she said.

Dr Shirin said it is most important for everyone to follow the rules of hygiene including wearing a mask in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

She said, “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been working tirelessly to improve the living standards of common people all over Bangladesh. Most of the beneficiaries of the projects are the marginalized people of the country.” 

Pirganj has also undergone extensive development in the same trend. Academic buildings and modern computer labs have been set up in more than forty high schools.

“Extensive development activities are underway in Pirganj including infrastructural development in the education and health sectors, Sheikh Kamal IT Training Center, Textile College, distribution of 105 houses to homeless, construction of a bridge connecting Dinajpur-Ghoraghat with Pirganj,” she said. 

Dr Shirin said corrugated iron sheets have been allocated to repair the damaged houses in the recent hail storms in the upazila.