Pottery industry in Sylhet on the verge of extinction

Published : 27 Nov 2022 07:40 PM

At one time, pottery was very popular in Sylhet. However, with the touch of modern industry. However, the pottery industry is on the way to extinction in Sylhet. The traditional pottery industry of Bengal has slowly started writing its name in memory books.

In the current market, plastic, steel, melamine, aluminum, etc. products have covered the market. In this competitive market, earthenware is less durable, and socially, overall consumers are discouraged from using earthenware. And there is a lack of patronage. All in all, this pottery industry is facing a crisis today.

We call the community potters, who make different types of artistically crafted and varied pottery according to the texture of the clay. And their creation is called the pottery industry in the language of art. Once upon a time, there was a huge demand for different types of pottery made of clay daily life. There is still a demand for handicrafts made of clay in more and more urban areas. But due to the increase in the use of plastic products in daily life, the people of modern society are losing enthusiasm for these earthen products.

The vendors say that using earthenware is healthy and has been in use since ancient times. But now due to various reasons, people associated with this industry have withdrawn from this work. 

This industry and those associated with it are going extinct today due to the indifference of those concerned with government patronage.

But there are still many who buy earthenware to keep the old tradition alive.

Buyers say that the tradition of Bengal is being lost day by day under the touch of modernity. Everyone should come forward to introduce this art to the present generation.

Pottery artist Rajkumar said we are continuing the business shown by our ancestors. However, it has become difficult to survive in business these days. Along with everything, the price of this earthenware is also increasing. So the product has to be bought at a higher price. Profits are also limited. All in all, the industry is now on the verge of extinction. Market creation and necessary patronage are very important to keep the pottery industry alive. They said that they may be able to continue this profession if they get loan assistance from the government on short terms. Otherwise, this industry will disappear.