Pottery almost extinct in Mirsarai

Published : 02 Feb 2022 09:30 PM

In spite of the obstacles to keep the profession of the former men alive, he is still making everyday products out of clay. 

However, due to the easy availability of plastic products and rising prices of fuel products, Tulsi Rani Pal is now 'forced' to quit this profession. Existence like that of Tulsi Rani Pale: More than 50 families in the area are in crisis. 

It can be seen on the spot that the traditional pottery in Chhatrua Palpara of Kerhat in Mirsarai Upazila is on the verge of extinction. 

At one time hundreds of families in different areas including the village were directly involved in this industry. With the touch of modernity and the passage of time, the traditional Pala dynasty has been wiped out in Chhatarua Palpara of Kerhat and only 40 to 50 families live here. But only 10 to 15 families have retained the profession of their ancestors with great difficulty. 

However, such a situation indicates the extinction of pottery.

Residents of Palpara said, "Once upon a time, we used to make open pots, pots, pitchers, earthen banks, various cake making spoons, dolls, small toys and other things." 

At that time we also had a lot of reputation in the pottery industry but now we are making a living by making only yoghurt pots and shells. 

Tulsi Rani Pal said that the price of earthenware has not increased in proportion to the increase in the price of everything. Although plastic and aluminum materials are more expensive, people are not buying pottery because they are stronger.

The Pala community here is hoping that with the help of government patronage and private co-operation, it will be possible to bring back the lost heritage of pottery.

In this regard, Chairman of Kerhat Union Enayet Hossain Nayan said that the Awami League government is taking various initiatives to develop cottage industries and cooperate with entrepreneurs. In continuation of this, I have been cooperating with myself at different times. Moreover, due to various limitations, it is not possible to provide them loan assistance and training.