Potato production up in Munshiganj, farmers expect good profit

Published : 01 Dec 2022 07:49 PM

Potato is the main cash crop of Munshiganj. Every family in this district is dependent on foreign money, but most of the farmers also earn money through potato cultivation. Although other crops are grown in the soil of Munshiganj, the farmers are more focused on potato cultivation. Farmers of this district cultivate potatoes in a festive atmosphere. At this time, many workers also arrived from other districts of the country. As a result, the potato farmers meet the demand of workers at a very low price. Farmers are not the only ones busy at this time. Both male and female workers are busy in potato cultivation during this season. Besides, farmers also spend busy time. Farmers do the work of cutting and preparing potato seeds. About 60 percent of the country's total potato production is produced in Munshiganj district. Accordingly, 68 cold storages have been developed to store the produced potatoes.

However, farmers say that the price of fertilizer is high this year. Fertilizers are not available properly even from dealers. As a result, the cost of potato cultivation is increasing many times compared to last year. However, if the weather is favorable and the potatoes can be brought home at the right time in a beautiful environment, he said, he can recover this cost. They also said that they are cultivating potatoes with a chest of hope. Costs have increased due to the increase in the price of everything. If production is good and environment is favorable then there will be no problem.

Talking to several farmers of the district, this year the price of 50 kg TSP fertilizer is Tk 1180, Urea Tk 1200 and MP Tk 1200. But last year, the price of 50 kg of urea fertilizer was 850 rupees and the price of MP fertilizer was 750 rupees. Last year, the price of 50 kg potato seeds was Tk 400 to Tk 700. This year the price of 50kg seeds is 1200 rupees. As a result, the cost of sowing potatoes for farmers is almost doubling this year compared to last year.

Khurshid Alam, Deputy Director of Munshiganj District Agricultural Extension Department, said that the target of 36 thousand hectares of potato cultivation has been set in Munshiganj district this year. Last year 35 thousand 786 hectares of land was targeted for potato cultivation. A target of 30 tonnes of potato production per hectare has been set this year. Last year around 11 lakh tonnes of potatoes were produced. Regarding rising prices of fertilizers, he said, our team is always monitoring. Actions will be taken against any dealer who is found guilty of irregularities on the basis of specific complaints.