Pori Moni’s Facebook disabled!

Popular actress of Dhallywood cinema Pori Moni has not been in control of her Facebook profile ID for the last 2-3 days.  It is learnt that even though her fan page is fine, her profile ID is now out of her control.

Regarding this she said, "I don't know why my Facebook ID is disabled. "However, someone may have a plan to destroy my Facebook ID and official fan page.  This is not possible for me to know.  Someone may be trying to stop it on purpose.

Pori Moni further added, I will say that or those who are doing this are not doing well at all.  Another thing, in this situation, if any message goes from my Facebook, it is not my responsibility.  At the moment it is not in my control.

Note that the official Facebook fan page of her is currently active.  She was the only Bangladeshi to be included in Forbes' list of 100 Asia-Pacific Most Influential Celebrities on Social Media published by the American magazine Forbes late last year.  At that time, the number of followers of Pori Moni on Facebook was around one crore.