Poppy stands by disadvantaged people

Coronavirus has spread around the world. It has affected Bangladesh as well. Showbiz stars are also extending their support to the poor every day to help with the situation as best as possible. Popular actress Popy is currently living in her village home in Khulna. There she has been distributing masks, soaps, sanitizers, etc. to the people of the village for the last few days.

“I’m trying to convince the general public about the horrors of coronavirus,” Popi told. “We get all the news about coronavirus, but they don’t know it. The idea of cleanliness is even less, as a result. I’m showing them different videos. I’m giving away mask, soap, sanitizer. She said it is important for children to be aware.” 

She is trying to stand beside the children of an orphanage. She said, “I am going to point out the horrors of the virus to them. I am highlighting the importance of being clean.” 

Calling the rich in the society, Popy said, “We can spend a few days at home. But how will the family of those who survive from day to day earning survive? We have to keep this in mind. We have to live with all of them. Hopefully everyone will extend their helping hand from wherever they are.”