Ponds being filled under the nose of the administration!

Published : 08 Sep 2022 09:02 PM

Ponds are being filled one after another in Kishoreganj district without paying attention to the Natural Reservoir Conservation Act. Buildings are being built by filling ponds under the nose of the administration. However, because the people involved in these activities are influential, no one is able to open their mouths under their influence.

About 400 ponds have been filled in the district in the last 15 years. In addition to damage to fisheries and environmental damage, the concerned parties fear that the fire fighting system will be hindered. Conscious people of the district blame the indifference of the concerned administration as the reason for this.

According to Kishoreganj Fisheries Office, the total number of ponds in the district is 34 thousand 225. However, even though it is on paper, local residents believe that the number has decreased due to pond filling. Because several ponds have already been filled. Apart from this, the process of filling several other ponds is going on.

It can be seen on the surface, a pond of Haibatnagar Sahib house in the district town has been filled and the structure has been constructed. The owner of the pond has filled a pond in the Kharamapatti Jora pond area and built a structure as well as cultivated vegetables. 

The structure was built by filling the Bulbul Villa pond of the same area. The owner is continuing construction work by filling a pond on Gaital Srinagar Road. The owner of the pond is in the process of filling a pond at the corner behind the horticulture center in the same area. Efforts are on to fill the ponds near the Metharpatti, Rathakhla cinema hall and at the Alor Mela. Apart from this, ponds are being filled in different areas of Karimganj, Tarail, Pakundia, Katiadi, Bajitpur, Bhairab upazilas.

In an order issued by the Prime Minister's office in 2000, it is said that in order to deal with natural disasters, protect people's shelters and help in firefighting, natural water bodies including canals, bevels, ponds and drains cannot be filled and their course cannot be changed. However, ponds and reservoirs are being filled without paying attention to these.

In this regard, District Fisheries Officer Ripon Kumar Pal said, if the natural reservoirs are filled, there will be a decline in fish production. It not only damages the fisheries, but there is a shortage of water even if there is a fire in the house. If the pond continues to fill, the fish harvest will decrease. It will not be possible to fulfill the demand.

Kishoreganj Environment Department Senior Chemist Rubaiyat Tahreem Sourav said, "If the place is a pond or water body according to the latest land survey data, it cannot be filled. I can't say what happened before. However, we will investigate and take legal action if we receive specific complaints.