Polybag use still rampant

Promote the use of locally made eco-friendly bags

Published : 28 Jan 2023 08:48 PM

Bangladesh is the first country in the world to ban use of polythene bag but its rampant use has gone beyond the control of the authorities concerned across the country.

So far, 127 countries around the world have put restrictions on manufacture, distribution and use of plastic bags. Back in 2002, the government had enforced a complete ban on the sale and use of polythene bags in the capital, Dhaka. The decision was taken to save the city from an imminent environmental disaster. Environmental groups claim that millions of polythene bags disposed of everyday are clogging Dhaka's drainage system, posing a serious environmental hazard.

Polythene shopping bags were introduced into the country nearly four decades ago, quickly replacing jute bags traditionally used by Bangladeshi households. It has proved difficult to enforce the ban on plastic bags, as previous bans were disregarded by many. 

The government should take initiatives

 to promote the use of locally made 

environment-friendly bags

Awareness drives and campaigns need to be carried out in order to make people aware about the harmful effects of overusing plastics. Viable alternatives to plastic bags need to be popularized as well.

It is good to note that relevant authorities are trying to develop and promote jute bags which is suitable for all weather condition and at the same time the bags can sustain heavy load (5 to 6 Kilogram).  As its totally biodegradable it will have huge demand both home and abroad and they are trying to go for large amount production that will minimize its production cost and ensure peoples affordability. 

The government should take initiatives to promote the use of locally made environment-friendly bags.  We believe that boycotting plastics and discontinuing the use of polythene bags is imperative for the welfare of the environment and in turn, the humanity. Above all, living in this modern time and age we should mobilise sufficient resources for research to rid the world of polythene. In order to reduce plastic pollution, we all have an essential role to play, from making small lifestyle changes -- such as shopping with reusable bags -- to raising our voices for more progressive and sustainable policies.  Our voices can become an impetus behind public policy decisions.